The Life & Music of Michael Hedges

A feature-length documentary film that tells the story of Michael’s life and career through exclusive interviews with family, friends, musicians, mentors, and music journalists.

Never-before-seen interviews, bootlegs, home movies and restored high-definition footage of Michael’s dazzling performances bring Michael’s legacy to life.

In Production – coming in 2025

Produced and Directed by Mischa Hedges & Brendan Hedges

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The Artist’s Profile: Michael Hedges


Created in 1996 as a 28-minute documentary aired on PBS stations, and later expanded to a one-hour home video edition made available to fans on VHS, The Artist’s Profile: Michael Hedges remembers Hedges through his own words interspersed with rare footage from a July 1996 outdoor concert with bassist Michael Manring in a beautiful and intimate setting on the shore of Lake Tahoe at Sand Harbor State Park.

This extended version is a unique opportunity to see and hear Hedges talk about life and death, his explorations into chi kung, and his views on creativity and inspiration, among other topics.

COMING SOON. We’re working on making a restored version of this film available for online streaming.


Windham Hill in Concert


This concert video features performances by Will Ackerman, Michael Hedges, Scott Cossu, and Shadowfax.

Michael’s contributions include:

Silent Anticipations
Woman of the World
Because It’s There
Follow Through
Aerial Boundaries

COMING SOON – we’re working on making a restored version of this film available for online streaming.

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