The feature stories below were contributed by Michael’s family, close friends, collaborators and fellow musicians to remember his life and music. Learning resources, as well as updates about new releases of Michael’s music, live performances, book and film projects related to his life and career will also be posted here.

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by Taproot
A tribute concert has been organized by friends, fans and former touring staff of Michael Hedges. All profits from this event will support production of the upcoming documentary Oracle: the Life & Music of Michael Hedges
by Taproot
Guitarists Andy McKee, Calum Graham and Trevor Gordon Hall pay tribute to Michael, who they cite as one of their biggest influences, with a cover of "Ursa Major" on their first album together as tripliciti.
by Mischa Hedges
On April 30, 2024, Michael’s family and filmmaker Brian Malone hosted a special pre-release party & screening of the 1998 documentary, "The Artist’s Profile: Michael Hedges."
by Mischa Hedges
We're spending the first few months of 2024 taking a break from production, getting started on the edit!
by Stropes Editions Ltd
In August 1987, I was delighted to welcome Michael Hedges back to Milwaukee for the second American Finger-Style Festival. His career was burgeoning and there was a palpable excitement in the air both for his concert and teaching. And he was ready!
by Brendan Hedges
Michael’s Knutsen Harp Guitar Arrives at the Musical Instrument Museum.
by Mischa Hedges
See behind the scenes of the first half of production of Oracle: the Life & Music of Michael Hedges, and get new perks for becoming a sustaining sponsor!
by Brendan Hedges
It was time to finally make the pilgrimage. Almost to the day of the 40th anniversary of the iconic, legendary recording sessions of Aerial Boundaries, we were heading to the tumbling, autumnal world where they took place: Windham County, Vermont - for an interview with Will Ackerman.
Graham Nash, looking over Michael’s notebook with the original, handwritten lyrics for ‘Spring Buds’.
by Brendan Hedges
For our next-to-last interview of the year, we returned to New York City – on a spectacular autumn day in the heart of Soho, above the cobblestones that line Greene Street, for a memorable session with the great Graham Nash.

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