The feature stories below were contributed by Michael’s family, close friends, collaborators and fellow musicians to remember his life and music. Learning resources, as well as updates about new releases of Michael’s music, live performances, book and film projects related to his life and career will also be posted here.

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by Jake White
A comprehensive biography of the life and music of Michael Hedges is in development.
by Jeff Titus
Read a recap and watch clips from the 2017 Michael Hedges Tribute concert organized by Jeff Titus.
by Andy McKee
Andy McKee shares the story of how he discovered Michael's music. Plus, a video of Andy recording Ragamuffin.
Calum Graham playing the guitar
by Calum Graham
Calum Graham shares the story of how he was introduced to Michael's music. Plus, a video of Calum playing "Dirge" with Michael Manring.
Andrew Gorny playing ons tage
by Andrew Gorny
Andrew Gorny on how he started learning to play Michael's music, and where it's taken him. "Nailing all of the notes is one thing. Getting the techniques right is another...."
courtyard at New Varsity Theater
by Randy Lutge
Michael's longtime friend and manager of the New Varsity Theater, tells the story of first meeting Michael at the New Varsity Theater.
by Don Record
Michael and I first met in 1969 when I was a senior in high school and he was a sophomore.
Patrick Brayer and Michael in Mendocino, CA.
by Patrick Brayer
Songwriter Patrick Brayer's eulogy for Michael Hedges, written shortly after Michael's death.
Michael Hedges 1998 Grammy Awards
by Brendan Hedges
In 1998, Michael won a Grammy Award for Best New Age Album. His family accepted the award on behalf of Michael's two young children.

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