David Crosby gives interview for Michael Hedges documentary

by | Jul 20, 2022

Mischa Hedges, Brendan Hedges and David Crosby pose for a photograph

In May 2022, Brendan and Mischa interviewed the one and only David Crosby for the upcoming documentary, ORACLE: the life and music of Michael Hedges.

Michael Hedges and David Crosby on Tour (Photo Credit: Unknown)

Michael Hedges and David Crosby on Tour (Photo Credit: Unknown)

David met my father, Michael Hedges, in Mill Valley in the 1980s. Michael’s career was just taking off, and at the time, David was deep in his struggle with drug addiction. My father joined CSN on a few tours as an opening act, and David had enormous respect for him as a songwriter and guitarist. For years, my father would visit David on his way to and from his home on the Mendocino Coast. They also wrote and recorded several songs together, and Michael contributed instrumental tracks to some CSN recordings.

For years, Brendan and I have been talking about capturing this interview. We knew David would be an important interview for this story, and we were anxious to film it after David’s many health problems over the years. In David’s own words “you’re lucky we’re doing this – I could die any day!” (he has 8 stents in his heart).

After an email introduction to David Crosby from biographer Jake White, who had interviewed him in 2020 for his upcoming biography, David immediately agreed to an on-camera interview. We emailed for months about it. But at the time, it seemed too risky to do an in-person interview with COVID shutdowns in place.

In 2021, we had several missed connections in attempting to schedule the interview, and I didn’t hear from David for several months as his album For Free was released. But – in early 2022, we re-established contact, and began to settle on some dates. In May, we scheduled an interview at his home in Santa Ynez, CA, and our film crew traveled down from the Bay Area and Los Angeles to capture David’s stories about his friendship and collaborations with my father on camera.

Brendan and I spent 90 minutes interviewing David. He had MANY fantastic things to say about Michael’s personality, career and musicianship. Some were heartwarming, some were explicit, and all expressed David’s awe of Michael as a person, composer and musician. David loved him, and that rang true throughout our whole time together.

Look for some upcoming clips from our interview with David in the film’s crowdfunding campaign later this year, and in the upcoming documentary film!

For now, some behind-the-scenes photos from our shoot:

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