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by | Oct 7, 2021

I am excited to announce that a comprehensive biography of the life and music of Michael Hedges is in development.

The working title for the book is Dream Out Loud: Michael Hedges, A Guitar Hero’s Journey.

For more than twenty years many of us have waited for a book that captures Michaels compositional genius, his innovative guitar techniques and creative tunings, his unique approach to performance and recording, along with the triumphs, adventures and heartaches of his extraordinary life. I have long felt that such a music biography would be a great gift to the world.

I launched this project in fall 2019, but in a sense, it has been in progress for nearly 30 years

3D rendering of book cover with title DREAM OUT LOUD

In 1993,
I discovered Hedges at a concert at the University of Utah. This changed my entire understanding of music and my approach to playing guitar.

headshot of Jake White

Following that concert, I became a lifelong student of Hedges’ music.

As of September 2021, I have completed an exhaustive review of public sources, gathered and indexed extensive and rare archival material, and have closely studied nearly every Hedges composition/song. I have completed (so far) over 150 original interviews with Hedges collaborators and friends, including David Crosby, Graham Nash, Leo Kottke, Pierre Bensusan, Michael Manring, Will Ackerman, Bobby McFerrin, Steven Miller, Joe Satriani, Alex de Grassi, George Winston, Steve Vai, Willis Alan Ramsey, Don Ross, Preston Reed, Paulie Zink, Randy Lutge, Don Record, Hilleary Burgess, and so many other friends, family members, and noteworthy artists who were inspired by Michael’s music. 

Jake sitting on the steps of the Hedges family home in Enid, Oklahoma.

My research has taken me to places such as Enid, Oklahoma; Palo Alto and Mendocino, California; Baltimore, Maryland; and Oracle, Arizona


I can hardly wait to share the fun stories and insights I have gathered.

I am extremely grateful to the Hedges family and Michael’s close friends who have been highly supportive of this project. The plan is to publish this biography in the next 1-2 years. It will tell Michael’s story, for the first time, to a broad audience.

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Jake White holding one of Michael's harp guitars

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