Michael Hedges/Rhythm, Sonority, Silence Book

by | Sep 14, 2021

Michael Hedges/Rhythm, Sonority, Silence was originally released in 1995 and, given the enduring influence of Michael Hedges’ music, Stropes Editions, Ltd. is pleased to announce the reissue of this groundbreaking volume. The acclaim it received upon first release established its place as a seminal document that created a new standard for printed music for fingerstyle guitar.

Rhythm, Sonority, Silence Book Re-Print

Rhythm, Sonority, Silence

In this book, transcriptions of “Aerial Boundaries,” “The Naked Stalk,” “Eleven Small Roaches,” “Layover,” “Bensusan,” and “Rickover’s Dreams” are augmented by autobiographical material and essays on composition, electronics, and tunings written by Michael Hedges. Now beautifully restored and printed on acid-free paper, the second printing of Michael Hedges/Rhythm, Sonority, Silence is available for order.

“Truly a work of art. It effectively raises the bar for other guitar books” — Acoustic Guitar
“One of the most extraordinary music folios we’ve seen, almost unrivaled in its art direction and printing and the fastidious attention to detail of its transcriptions.” — Guitar Player
“A landmark achievement.” — Fingerstyle Guitar 

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