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by | Sep 12, 2021

In the 1990s, John Stropes worked closely with Michael Hedges to create new notation methods for his style of playing. He worked methodically to create a set of transcriptions of Michael’s compositions.

These transcriptions are currently available in print and digital formats on the Stropes Editions website:

Because It’s There

“Because It’s There” was Michael Hedges’ first composition for harp guitar. It was used as part of the soundtrack of a movie about the life of Naomi Uemura, a Japanese adventurer who dedicated his life to exploring the most challenging areas of the earth. This transcription was developed from the audio recording Live on the Double Planet , Windham Hill Records, 1987, WD-1066. Please note that “Because It’s There” was written for a harp guitar with five sub-bass strings



Hot Type

“Hot Type” is an extraordinary composition that has both a soaring melody and a powerful rhythmic drive. It utilizes a substantially new technique for the guitar. This transcription was developed from the audio recording Aerial Boundaries (Windham Hill Records, 1984, WD-1032).




“Ragamuffin” is a stunning composition that draws many different types of techniques together for its transcendent musical objective. This transcription was developed from the audio recording Aerial Boundaries , Windham Hill Records, 1984, WD-1032.



Ready Or Not

Michael Hedges wrote the guitar part for “Ready or Not” and titled this composition before he wrote the lyrics. In 1985 he explained to a class that the melody itself contained the idea for the title.



The Happy Couple

“The Happy Couple” is a profound composition which, in its construction, explores the application to the guitar of a concept which Arnold Schoenberg first termed klangfarbenmelodie (tone color melody). This transcription was developed from the audio recording Breakfast in the Field , Windham Hill Records, 1981, WD-1017.



Two Days Old

“Two Days Old” is a beautiful ballad that first appeared as a duet with Michael Hedges accompanied by Michael Manring on fretless bass on the audio recording Breakfast in the Field (Windham Hill Records, 1981, WD-1017). Then, in 1987, it was released as a guitar solo on Live on the Double Planet(Windham Hill Records, 1987, WD-1066)



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