There are no rules (Wiley Hodgden)

by | Dec 2, 2021

Submitted by Wiley Hodgden

In the summer of ‘97, I took a road trip on HWY 1 from Mendocino down to San Diego, hitting all parts of California. I was roaming the state with my guitar teacher Donnie Record, who happened to be best friends with Michael. We stayed a week at his place in Mendocino.

Michael had just shaved his head and quit all stimulants- including coffee. He was meditating and recording an artist at his studio. We spent the evenings playing guitar and cooking at his spot which was high on the edge of a cliff above the ocean. The house next door was being rented to a family on vacation. I’ll never forget how one morning Michael put on a leather jacket, had a spiked collar on and started revving up his motorcycle when the neighbor came over to address the issue of loud music. He asked Michael what the “rules” were on noise.

Michael looked straight ahead and said “there are no rules” and then took off on his loud motorcycle. HA!

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