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by | Sep 12, 2021

In the 1990s, John Stropes worked closely with Michael Hedges to create new notation methods for his style of playing. He worked methodically to create a set of transcriptions of Michael’s compositions.

These transcriptions are currently available in print and digital formats on the Stropes Editions website:

Because It’s There

“Because It’s There” was Michael Hedges’ first composition for harp guitar. It was used as part of the soundtrack of a movie about the life of Naomi Uemura, a Japanese adventurer who dedicated his life to exploring the most challenging areas of the earth. This transcription was developed from the audio recording Live on the Double Planet , Windham Hill Records, 1987, WD-1066. Please note that “Because It’s There” was written for a harp guitar with five sub-bass strings



Hot Type

“Hot Type” is an extraordinary composition that has both a soaring melody and a powerful rhythmic drive. It utilizes a substantially new technique for the guitar. This transcription was developed from the audio recording Aerial Boundaries (Windham Hill Records, 1984, WD-1032).




“Ragamuffin” is a stunning composition that draws many different types of techniques together for its transcendent musical objective. This transcription was developed from the audio recording Aerial Boundaries , Windham Hill Records, 1984, WD-1032.



Ready Or Not

Michael Hedges wrote the guitar part for “Ready or Not” and titled this composition before he wrote the lyrics. In 1985 he explained to a class that the melody itself contained the idea for the title.



The Double Planet

While originally conceived of as part of a suite exploring planetary themes, “The Double Planet” first appeared on the recording Santa Bear’s First Christmas in 1986, and then on Live on the Double Planet in 1987.



The Happy Couple

“The Happy Couple” is a profound composition which, in its construction, explores the application to the guitar of a concept which Arnold Schoenberg first termed klangfarbenmelodie (tone color melody). This transcription was developed from the audio recording Breakfast in the Field , Windham Hill Records, 1981, WD-1017.



Two Days Old

“Two Days Old” is a beautiful ballad that first appeared as a duet with Michael Hedges accompanied by Michael Manring on fretless bass on the audio recording Breakfast in the Field (Windham Hill Records, 1981, WD-1017). Then, in 1987, it was released as a guitar solo on Live on the Double Planet(Windham Hill Records, 1987, WD-1066)



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