the Michael Hedges documentary

Coming in 2024

A feature documentary about the life and music of Michael Hedges

The eldest son of Midwestern musicians/educators, Michael Hedges was a young musical prodigy – with an emerging talent that would take him from small-town Oklahoma to Baltimore’s Peabody Conservatory,
and Carnegie Hall.

Mostly known as a once-in-a-generation force that would revolutionize the acoustic guitar, perhaps Michael’s truest story and lasting legacy is that of an important twentieth-century composer. 

From March 6 – April 5, 2023 you can join the film’s official crowdfunding campaign to help fund production of the first feature documentary about Michael Hedges.

Poster of Michael Hedges and link to Seed and Spark Crowdfunding Campaign.

The film will include:

  • Intimate interviews with Michael’s family, friends, collaborators, mentors, and music journalists
  • A wealth of archival materials/footage (Red Rocks, Wolf Trap, A&M Studios, Billboard Live)
  • Bootlegs, home movies, never-before-seen interviews and backstage moments with Michael
  • Fully restored and digitally-enhanced footage from Michael’s dazzling performances

The Filmmakers:

TrimTab Media
(production company)

TrimTab Media is an award-winning production company founded by Michael’s son, Mischa. The filmmaking team will produce this project with support from an executive producer and project advisors in the music and film industries.

ORACLE Co-Directors:
Mischa Hedges (Michael’s son)
Brendan Hedges (Michael’s brother)

More About TrimTab Media

Mischa Hedges
(co-director, producer)

Mischa is an award-winning documentary producer, director and editor (Seeker of Truth, Of The Sea, Women’s March). He holds a B.A in Film Production from Chapman University, and an MBA from Dominican University of CA. He is the founder of TrimTab Media, where he leads the production of independent films and branded content for progressive companies and non-profit organizations.

More About Mischa

Co-Director Brendan Hedges

Brendan Hedges
(writer, co-director, producer)

Brendan is a graduate of the University of Southern California, and a current member of the Writers Guild of America West. His documentary work (Remember the Sultana, Yosemite: A Day Within Days, Learning Never Ends) has appeared in film festivals, and aired on PBS. He was mentored by Emmy-winning director-producer Peter Tewksbury.

More About Brendan

“We’ll bring a high degree of creativity and bravura to the story, in keeping with Michael’s artistic standard. We want to make a film that reveals, startles, and inspires the audience.

Our vision is to craft and present this story with a high level of quality and artistic integrity. Thanks so much for supporting this project.”

– Brendan Hedges & Mischa Hedges

Become a sponsor

This film will be funded in part by Michael’s family, friends, fans, angel donors, business sponsors and grant funding. A multi-year project of this magnitude will require a significant investment in a highly-talented filmmaking team, extensive footage/music licensing fees, and state-of-the-art restoration of archival materials.

Sponsorship packages range from $1,000-$75,000 and include various benefits. They are tax-deductible through our fiscal sponsor, the Stropes Foundation.

Choose Your Sponsorship Package

Review our available sponsorship packages and let us know which level you plan to contribute.

Or by check

Write a check to “Stropes Foundation, Inc” with “Oracle Documentary” in the memo and mail to: 

Stropes Foundation, Inc.
1132 Lake Avenue
Racine, WI 53403



Executive Producers ($100,000+)
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Associate Producers ($50,000+)
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Contributing Producers ($25,000+)
Mischa Hedges
Ray-Yen Chang

Oracle Donors ($10,000+)
Kirkpatrick Foundation
Jeff & Bina Titus

Magic Farmer Donors ($5,000+)
Enid Arts Council
Jake White

Ragamuffin Donors ($1,000+)
Iliani Matisse & Anne Richards
Enid High School Class of ’72
Aaron Shearer Foundation
Michael Bootzin
John Conover
Joseph & Shirley Rayburn
Andy McKee
Pete Moylan

Eldon Ames
Nick Peters
Roger & Carolyn Lang
Chad Van Baalbergen
Matt Guthrie DeLange
Kenneth Chow
Bryan Lanser
Mark Dropkin
Imaginary Road Records

Joseph & Shirley Rayburn
Scott & Christy Williams
Kemi Nakabayashi
Bil King
Calum Graham
Tony & Phyllis Leocha
Mindy Rosenfeld

Behind the Scenes

Updates & behind the scenes from the making of ORACLE – life and music of Michael Hedges

25 Years Since We Lost Michael

25 Years Since We Lost Michael

It’s been 25 years since we lost Michael. Not a day goes by that we don’t think of him. Here’s an update on the projects we’re working on to celebrate his life and music.

A Call for Sponsors

A Call for Sponsors

You’re invited to be among the first to contribute to Oracle, a documentary about the life and music of Michael Hedges.

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