A Crowdfunding Campaign to fund production of Michael Hedges documentary

by | Feb 24, 2023

Mischa Hedges is Michael’s eldest child. He grew up exploring the forests, rivers and ocean beaches on the Mendocino Coast, playing music with his mom, dad and siblings, and roaming the vegetable garden and redwood forest in their backyard.

Mischa is an award-winning documentary producer, director and editor (Seeker of Truth, Of The Sea, Women’s March). He holds a B.A. in Film Production from Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film, and an MBA from Dominican University. He is the founder of TrimTab Media, where he leads the production of independent films and video content for progressive brands and non-profit organizations. He is currently collaborating with his uncle, screenwriter Brendan Hedges on a documentary about guitarist Michael Hedges.

Over the past 10 months, we have been hard at work writing, developing and filming early interviews for the upcoming documentary ORACLE: the life & music of Michael Hedges.

After many years of thinking and dreaming about this project, Michael’s brother Brendan and I officially started development of a Michael Hedges documentary in April 2022.

Since then, we’ve accomplished a lot:
  • Raised funding for development work from 30+ early sponsors & supporters
  • Formed a team of project advisors to help guide our creative process
  • Held several writing retreats to outline our vision for the film
  • Interviewed David Crosby & filmed 3 days with the U.S. Guitar Orchestra
  • Created a sponsor pitch deck and fundraising trailer for the film
  • Researched and wrote a 120-page documentary screenplay
  • Secured interview commitments from Michael’s friends & collaborators
  • Researched and scouted locations for production
All of this was made possible by people who love Michael’s music and want to see this film completed and released. Thanks so much to all of our early sponsors!
Seed and Spark Crowdfunding for Michael Hedges Documentary

Crowdfunding Campaign March 6 – April 5

On March 6, 2023, we launched a 30-day crowdfunding campaign on Seed&Spark to raise our production budget for the film! More than 1,000 of Michael’s family, friends, collaborators and fans stepped up to support the project, helping us raise almost half of our production budget.

Your support and sharing throughout the project will be crucial in helping us reach our fundraising goal and continue work on this project. The more we can raise, the sooner we can finish and release the film!

See our detailed plans for the film, watch the fundraising trailer, and see the incentive packages we’re offering for supporters. In short – you’ll get the first chance to become a crowdfunding supporter of the project!

Watch the trailer on Seed&Spark

(this crowdfunding campaign ended in April 2023, but you can still make a contribution to the project)

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